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Vision or medical insurance - Which plan should I use?

Vision insurance covers an eye exam for glasses and contacts. We will go over our co-payments to make this process is easy to understand.

Medical insurance covers any medically related eye emergencies and/or eye conditions.

Routine Eye Exams: What's covered and what's not?

Most vision plans will cover routine comprehensive eye exams to check the  general health of the eye as well as to provide a prescription for either glasses or contact lenses.  Most plans also provide either an allowance or contribute towards the purchase of frame and lens options. 

Medical Eye Conditions: What's covered and what's not?

Medical eye conditions can range from pink eye to the evaluation of patients with diabetes or high blood pressure.  Medical exams usually have a co-pay as well as a deductible that first must be met.  Special testing such as photos or visual fields may be required to properly diagnose or just monitor medical eye conditions. 

Routine Eye Exams: How often am I covered?

Most vision plans will cover annual exams for either glasses or contacts. Some will allow coverage starting at the beginning of each year while others renew coverage one year from the date of the original exam.

Medical Eye Conditions: How many visits are covered?

Medical insurance will cover the initial and subsequent visits if needed to resolve the issue or to care for an ongoing issue. Co-pays for each visit apply as well as deductibles.  

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