Children’s Eye Exams

Children’s Eye Exams

We See Children 5 And Up And Make Their Experience Fun And Informative.

Are Your Children Using iPads And iPhones On A Daily Basis?
Critical childrens eyes development is between ages 4-7. They need regular exams.
As the primary vision consultants for Cobb County Schools, we check children as low as 4 years old. We are able to get their prescriptions accurately and quickly using videos, non-verbal methods. We try to make the exams fun for children and not intimating.
How Soon Should My Child Get An Eye Exam?
25% of children have a vision problems that can ultimately affect their learning ability. Many children are prematurely diagnosed with Dyslexia. Many times just giving them the opportunity to see the letters clearly cures this problem and can take away a lot of unnecessary worry.
Is My Child Too Young For Contact Lenses?
You as a parent are the best judge of your child’s level of responsibility. We have fit patients in Ortho K contacts as young as 5 years old with parental help. Each child has a different level of dexterity. Children can learn how to apply contacts quite easily starting at age 9. Fortunately, with the advent of daily disposables, this option is excellent someone who will require minimal maintenance and minimal risk.
Sun Protection Is Essential For Kids

80% of UV damage occurs before the age of 18. Due to a decrease amount of photo pigment in children compared to adults, they are at the highest risk of accumulating UV damage. Transition lenses offer ideal sun protection even on cloudy days.

Are Your Children Active In Sports?

Sports goggles with extreme durability are recommend for sports. All our packages include polycarbonate impact resistant lenses as standard. If your child can not use contacts, sports goggles are a great 2nd pair option.

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