Modern Eye Care  Using the Latest in Optical Technology

Modern Eye Care - Technology With An Eye For Detail!

With daily advances in technology, we strive to incorporate the newest methods to ensure up to date eye exams.  Using the latest in diagnostic  instrumentation we  provide a more accurate, efficient and pleasurable vision and eye health care experience.

Early Detection and Prevention.

Annual eye exams allow your eye doctor to uncover eye conditions before they have a long term effect on your vision.

Diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol are a few health conditions that can be detected even before getting a physical exam. Macular degeneration and Glaucoma may go undiagnosed until revealed through an annual eye exam.

Digital Eye Care - Focusing on the Future!

Electronic devices are here to stay. However, there are new risk associated with their increase in usage. High energy blue light is especially dangerous and plays a large factor for symptoms of fatigue, eye strain and poor sleep patterns. 

We will help you choose the proper coatings, filters and blockers  to maximize visually efficiency and minimize any long term potential  risks. 

You Have Questions - We Have The Answers!

Understanding your specific visual needs will allow us to better recommend the proper glasses for your particular lifestyle. . As we get older we will find that one pair of glasses may not take care of all our specific optical needs. 

An Eye Exam - How Often Should You Have One!

Comprehensive routine exams for either glasses or contacts should be done on an annual basis.  If you suffer from any eye disease, your doctor will go over a schedule with you  for the best treatment plan. 

Children’s eyes change at a faster frequency. Some children may need visits every six months until a stability in prescription is determined. 

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